Relief Your Heartburn on a Budget With a Nexium Coupon

by Vincent on July 2, 2013

My wife was browsing the Internet the other day, and she had ran across a Nexium coupon. I jumped up off the couch because I regularly take Nexium, and I had no idea that there were coupons for medications out there. This was going to mean so much because I was just about to get another supply of the pill, and I had complained about the cost of this medicine for weeks.

I had taken other medicines and tried various remedies for heartburn before, but nothing has been as effective. Nothing I had found before this medicine would actually prevent the heartburn from happening. Thankfully my doctor had prescribed me Nexium (also called Esomeprazole). So now I know what helps, and I also have a printable nexium coupon to help me get it cheaper as well.

My Review of Nexium

With many heartburn reducinnexium purple pillg products available, both with prescriptions and over the counter, it can be difficult to determine which product to recommend. Nexium is one option that has been found to be an excellent solution for many individuals that suffer with heartburn issues and who have found little success with other products. Let’s look at some of the features of the drug, it’s specific uses, and potential side effects that should be considered.

About the Company

Nexium was created by the biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. As a leader in the industry, the company has a handle on creating excellent products to meet medical needs. Unlike many other large pharmaceutical companies, AstraZenica places their focus on their customers. Products are created to meet real, pressing conditions and plenty of information is available to help physicians make informed decisions about whether specific products are the right choice for each individual patient. This particular drug was created as an alternative to over the counter heartburn solutions that may not offer the long term relief that many individuals are looking for.

What is Nexium

While many people recognize the name of the product, some may not know exactly how the pill works to fight against heartburn. Nexium is a Proton Pump Inhibitor, commonly referred to as a PPI. These PPI products work by essentially turning off the pumps in the stomach cells to gain control over the amount of acid that is present within the stomach. Controlling the amount of acid can be the quickest way to cut down on heartburn and work to resolve other health issues that are commonly caused by severe heartburn over an extended period of time.

What it Can Do for Patients

As stated above, the drug was created with the intention of reducing the amount of heartburn experienced by the patient. There are many heartburn drugs available, but not all of them are intended for long term use or for the treatment of severe heartburn that exists for an extended period of time. Nexium is a great option for those patients that are experiencing heartburn and related medicine conditions that are severe to the point of not being able to enjoy any type of food without experiencing severe symptoms.

Acid reflux disease may be diagnosed in patients that experience heartburn persistently at least twice per week. In these cases, most quick acting heartburn relief products won’t be sufficient in treating the problem. Many products will reduce heartburn, but won’t treat the underlying issue. Nexium is often referred to as a healing drug as it works to treat the medical issue and relieve symptoms over time. Those experiencing acid reflux disease may suffer from erosion of the esophagus. The pill will help to heal the erosion within just a few weeks.

Potential Side Effects

As with any drug, the potential side effects should be taken into consideration before the drug is prescribed. Diarrhea is the most common side effect reported with being on the drug. Dehydration should be a concern for those experiencing diarrhea, but an infection may also be the cause and medical attention should be sought if it becomes an issue. Those who take any PPI drugs may also be at increased risk of bone fractures.

While less common, there have been many other potential side effects listed by those who have taken the drug. These are mainly issues with combining the pill with other medications. The makers of the drug suggest taking a careful look at any other medications that a patient may be taking before considering this solution to acid reflux. Any issues that arise while taking the drug should be immediately discussed with a physician to avoid future health problems.

An Over the Counter Option

One final complain about the drug is the cost of the prescription. There are no generic alternatives, as the makers note that all medications will work differently. However, there may soon be an alternative to the pricey prescriptions. There is currently talk of AstraZeneca working out an agreement with Pfizer to create an over the counter form of the drug. This would mean that the price would be on par with other products on the shelf and that more people would have access to this heartburn relief solution. But before that happens, the only sensible solution to save on the cost is to use nexium coupons when getting the medication from your local pharmacy.

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