A Useful Comparison Between Bufferin And Aspirin

by Vincent on August 29, 2013

bufferin regular strengthAlthough it was not a scientific test, I just compared Bufferin vs Aspirin to see which one was the better pain relief option for me, so I imagine that the results will help others who are trying to decide which one to take. For the last month I have taken the recommended dose of Bufferin, and the month before I took Aspirin as per the instructions. I took Aspirin the first month, as that was supposed to have the most side effects with regard to my stomach.

So what were the results? Well with regard to controlling my pain, they were both pretty much similar, however Bufferin took longer to work. This is probably because it does not start to get dissolved until it enters the small intestine, but this means that it then lasts longer.

Although I didn’t actually suffer any major stomach problems with either of them, I did get the odd case of heartburn with aspirin. This side effect does not happen with bufferin, as it passes straight through the stomach.

So in conclusion, I would say that Bufferin was better, but if you want instant relief, then use Aspirin.

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