Different Allergy Relief Methods That You Can Try

by Vincent on May 9, 2013

spring allergyMore than 35 million Americans are in need of an effective allergy relief treatment. That is equivalent to 11% of the whole country’s population. According to a study published in 2006, it seems that the rate is even getting higher in highly industrialized countries year after year.

The figures are really bothering, but not many affected people see allergies as serious threats. The truth is, although millions are affected, most of them are only sensitive to airborne allergens that cause allergic rhinitis. This causes milder symptoms like sneezing, itching and nose irritation. Nonetheless, food allergies and other more fatal types can lead to hypotension, comatose and death when not taken care of.

For these reasons, knowing which handy allergy relief treatments can be used is very important. Here are some of them.


The most favored drugs for allergies are antihistamines such as diphenhydramine hydrochloride, and epinephrines. These are often sold over the counter at affordable prices. Because they are FDA approved and fast-acting, millions of Americans use them for maintenance and emergencies. Similar allergic mediator blockers, such as glucocorticoids and decongestants, are also often used.

Remember that these drugs are symptoms relievers that are meant to ease attacks and not permanently cure any form of allergies.


This is a more expensive form of relief but potentially permanent at that. In this method, allergens are being vaccinated to the person, with gradual increase in dosage session after session to force the body to produce the needed antibodies that will fight allergic attacks. It is like conditioning your body to get used to allergies, eliminating sensitivity in the process.

Different types of clinical immunotherapy may be recommended to you based on the type of allergy you have.

Natural Remedies

Homeopathic and alternative treatments are becoming very famous because of their “natural” labels. Saline solution is an easy home remedy that can be used by people who experience inflammation in the nose due to allergic rhinitis. By adding a teaspoon of salt to a pint of lukewarm water, you can already ease out all symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis.

Using it with a nose bidet or neti pot also makes this allergy relief method more effective.

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