Different Types of HPV Treatment

by Vincent on April 21, 2013

human papillomavirusBefore anything else, you should know that HPV or human papillomavirus has no cure. On the lighter side, there is a way to avoid getting infected with it. If infection already exists, there are treatments that are proven effective in eliminating the virus. An HPV treatment is best done during the earlier stage of infection.

HPV is a very common virus with 100 known types to date. Of this number, 30 are known to cause sexually transmitted diseases (STD) while the rest can damage the female reproductive organ from within. Widespread STDs caused by HPV include genital warts, while cell abnormalities caused by HPV include cervical cancer.


Medical experts highly recommend that all women should get an vaccine to avoid getting infected. Some medical insurance companies cover this vaccine, to avoid having to pay for more dreaded diseases, while some do not. You should know, nevertheless, that the vaccine becomes useless when you are already infected with HPV.


Healthy diet

Do not be surprised, but healthy diet is your first line of treatment. The human papilloma virus dies on its own. In fact, many infected women do not even have to undergo any kind of medical attention at all. With a strong immune system, the virus is not impossible to kill.


There are some drugs or creams available that are effectively used to treat HPV caused diseases like genital warts.


One advanced way of killing HPV is through cryosurgery. In this method, the area with abnormal cells is frozen using liquid nitrogen. When melted, all infected cells die, including the virus itself.

Not all doctors see this method as a conventional type. But the success rate achieved through it is really satisfying. Likewise, this treatment can also be used with a more advanced case HPV infection, like cervical cancer.

If you are interested, talk to your doctor now because not all hospitals practice this procedure.

Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP)

In this method, the abnormal cells are being killed using electrical current, eliminating all remaining human papillomavirus as well. This is recommended for non-extensive infections.


This HPV treatment removes all infected parts using surgery. It is often done alongside a biopsy to see if the virus already caused mutation leading to cancer.

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