Information About OTC Sleep Aids

by Vincent on April 15, 2013

man sleepingMany people are using over the counter sleeping aids. These might not boast the same level of efficiency as the ones prescribed by a doctor where their side effects are well-known. Here is the reason why over the counter sleep aids are so popular.

Convenient – Antihistamines are one of the most common sleep aids that have FDAs approval and can be obtained over the counter without prescription. The only concern is that many people may start to depend on them and take this for the long term instead.

Less surprises – Sleep aids have been on the market for quite sometime. Longer that any popular prescription sleeping aid like Lunesta and Ambien. Medical specialists are normally wary of the latest sleeping treatment which have not stood the test of time.

Lesser evil – As the harmful factor of the over the counter sleep treatments are considered the side effects. Some people put up with the well known hangover effect or have just adapted on how they take the over the counter sleep aid, smaller amount of dosage or simply sleep longer and go to bed earlier. Granted that these hangovers and other associated side effects can be serious for some individuals. On the other hand, day sleepiness seems less strange than unconsciously sleepwalking on prescribed sleep aids.

Cheaper – An over the counter sleep aid can only be obtained at a very reasonable price as compared to other sleeping pills. People are glad to solve their insomnia problems at a very reasonable price and lower risk. The cost of the treatment is always a deciding factor when the conventional prescription sleeping treatment does not measure up the cost difference.

Instant lifestyle – Change is fast and constant for these sleep aids. People need both instant solutions and instant gratification for their stress filled lives. Over the counter sleep aids can be obtained very quickly.

Insomnia is a distressing health concern. Over the counter treatments are best utilized for occasional sleep problems at suggested doses. However, you need to read the label prior to taking this treatment in order to prevent further health concerns.

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