Simple And Safe Tips For Cold Relief

by Vincent on April 7, 2013

woman with a coldWhile there is no cure for the common cold, there are some methods that can offer reprieve from the symptoms. These methods of cold relief are often simple and do not require special medications. Along with the ways to relieve cold symptoms are also those things which a person should avoid while fighting the virus.

How to Reduce Symptoms of the Common Cold

Drinking extra fluids is a must when you are fighting the cold. Although water is possibly the best liquid for this job, you can drink juice, sports drinks, and various other types of fluids. Liquids that you should avoid include caffeinated beverages like coffee, sodas and energy drinks. You are also recommended to stay away from alcohol. Remaining hydrated is important plus the regular liquids help to loosen up the congestion.

Gargling with warm salt water is good for a couple of reasons. The solution helps to relieve a sore scratchy throat. It also helps to kill bad germs that may be sitting in that area. The salt water can assist in preventing throat infections that may be connected to the cold virus. You might want to test the temperature of the water prior to gargling to ensure that it is not too hot or not hot enough.

If you are having issues with a congested nose, saline drops or spray can help. The instructions for use are on the bottles. You can use these products in children but babies may require you to use a special dropper.

Chicken soup does offer relief for colds and is not just a myth. This treat can give you relief in a few ways. The soup reduces the inflammation inflicted by the cold virus; it helps to speed up the loosening of the mucus therefore reducing congestion; and it restricts the amount of time that the virus is in contact with the lining of the nose through moving the mucus out of the system.

Even if you have a busy schedule and you feel the need to keep working, you also need to get your rest. Your body needs to be able to fight the virus and repair itself. This is done through allowing your body to get the rest it needs.

Cold and Flu Medications

There are a number of cold and flu medications on the market. You may want to take these for cold relief. However, you should note that these medicines do not shorten the length of time that you have the cold nor are the symptoms treated. These cold medications simply suppress the symptoms.

Antibiotics do not help the cold. These medications are useful for bacterial illnesses and other types of conditions but not the cold virus. You are not recommended to use this classification of medicine for this purpose unless otherwise instructed by a doctor.

If you choose to use a cold medication, only take it as recommended. You may take lower dosages depending on your size but never take higher doses that what is instructed on the package. Avoid taking the drugs more frequently than recommended. In the case that you take liquid medicine, make sure that you measure it correctly.

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