The Truth About Benadryl Overdose

by Vincent on May 1, 2013

benadryl pillsBenadryl is not a medication anyone should take lightly. Although you may feel that an overdose on this medication is impossible, this is not true. You can not only overdose by taking too much Benadryl, but you can harm your body in a variety of other ways as well. Read through this article to learn more about the risks of taking too much Benadryl.

Firstly, children and the elderly are the most at risk for experiencing the drawbacks of an overdose. An overdose does not solely mean you are going to die, but that you harm your body to the point where you feel pain. Read the label instructions to understand how much Benadryl should be in your system at any given time. There are detailed instructions for how much a person at a certain age, weight or height should take. Follow these instructions and everything should be fine.

In the event that you or someone you know suspects they have overdosed on Benadryl, what are the symptoms? Well, some people feel and act as though they are intoxicated from alcohol. Others start to actually hallucinate and see things they normally wouldn’t before. In addition to this, vomiting is common and can make your stomach upset for quite some time. When a Benadryl overdose occurs people seem to become a bit off during conversations. This can lead to embarrassing moments. Lastly, watch out for deep sleep, oversleeping and drowsiness as a result of taking too much Benadryl.

Although an overdose is highly unlikely it is still something to look out for. If you are taking Benadryl then write down each time and date you take a dose. When someone you know is medicating make sure you check in on them from time to time. At first when someone takes this medicine they feel like it isn’t doing anything to their body so they decide to take more. Give your body some time for it to settle and never take more than the recommended amount to avoid an overdose.

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